merger and acquisition

We offer our specialized legal services at  El Mithaq  Law Firm in the hands of our clients who wish to choose a merger and acquisition strategy to expand their commercial activities, which will ensure their success.
We assist companies in facing the challenges and complex negotiations in the merger and acquisition system, with the help of a group of our professional legal specialists.
During the completion of the transaction, we provide you with all the necessary legal advice and effective solutions to all the legal problems you face.
In  El-Mithaq  Law Firm, we also provide many services in mergers and acquisitions, which are as follows:-

1. We draft and review merger and acquisition contracts in Arabic and English.
2. We analyze mergers and acquisitions decisions.
3. We offer our legal audit services.
4. We implement share transfer agreements and reorganize the corporate structure.
5. We provide legal preparation for business deals.
6. We provide all approvals from the relevant official authorities.
7. We provide legal advice on regulation and compliance strategy, equity and debt, and mergers and acquisitions for public and private companies.
8. We close merger and acquisition deals.
9. We complete the sale of shares and assets.
10. Carry out all procedures for dividing the company.
11. We support our clients with other legal services related to the transaction, such as employment, competition, intellectual property and data protection.