Our Services


El-Mithaq Law Firm provides assistance to companies in overcoming the economic difficulties they face, or when they are exposed to imminent insolvency. As our company’s

Arbitration and dispute resolution

El-Mithaq Law Firm provides its legal services in the fields of arbitration, dispute resolution, civil litigation, advance litigation, trade, companies, and labor. We also provide

Banking and financial services

El-Mithaq Law Firm supports its clients by assisting them in all different banking operations, in addition to: Provides banking requirements restructuring services, structured financing and

intellectual property

El Mithaq Law Firm has specialized lawyers with extensive experience in protecting intellectual property and clients’ privilege. El Mithaq Law Firm has represented many famous

General and complex lawsuits

El Mithaq Law Firm has extensive experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants before the judiciary, whether they are individuals or commercial establishments in public lawsuits,

corporate governance

El Mithaq Law Firm provides the best legal services related to corporate governance under the supervision of our best burning lawyers who provide a summary

contract drafting

El Mithaq Law Firm offers its professional services in the field of drafting and reviewing contracts in Arabic and English. ● This is done under

merger and acquisition

We offer our specialized legal services at  El Mithaq  Law Firm in the hands of our clients who wish to choose a merger and acquisition

Real estate

We offer our real estate clients the best legal solutions that help them improve the performance of their real estate companies and grow their investments.

work law

El- Mithaq Law Firm provides a team of lawyers specialized in providing legal services related to labor and employment law, which includes employee rights, labor

Insurance and reinsurance law

Our office provides legal services in insurance and reinsurance law according to each category, whether it is insurance against injury, car accidents or property. We

Foreign investment license

El Mithaq Law Firm provides its legal services in licensing foreign investment, including the following: We contribute to providing support and guidance during the establishment

council of state

Our office also specializes in providing legal services and advocacy work before the jurisdiction of the administrative judiciary such as annulment lawsuit and other lawsuit

Criminal justice

El Mithaq office has extensive experience in handling criminal cases since its inception in the investigations of the public prosecution through the renewal of detention