intellectual property

El Mithaq Law Firm has specialized lawyers with extensive experience in protecting intellectual property and clients’ privilege.

  • El Mithaq Law Firm has represented many famous brands in intellectual property rights cases.
  • In addition to handling issues related to patents, copyright protection, domain names, and trademarks.
  • We can perform all legal tasks, starting from franchise agreements and licenses, to combating counterfeiting, due to our mastery of intellectual property laws in all aspects of patent registration.
  • We advise on domain name strategies, and ongoing mark availability
  • We also provide legal advice to preserve the ownership of trademarks, and protect and secure copyrights.
  • We support our clients in several areas in order to combat counterfeiting in sales at the local and international levels.
  • We seek to reduce the risks of potential violations and provide solutions for clients to face these challenges and address violators of rights and counterfeiters and find out their source.