Criminal justice

El Mithaq office has extensive experience in handling criminal cases since its inception in the investigations of the public prosecution through the renewal of detention before the investigation authorities and criminal courts ( counselling room) until the issuance of the referral order to the criminal circuit concerned with the case, Criminal cases have a special interest in their conduct because of their influence and impact on the accused and his legal capacity, and determining the fate of an entire family, not just the fate of the accused,Therefore, our office gives great attention to all trial procedures since the Public Prosecution Office took over the investigations, and we care about

the smallest, smallest and least details that lead us to acquittal,Our office has initiated many, many criminal cases, including those related to public funds, money laundering, self-murder cases, beatings leading to death, attempts, assault on money and self, and other descriptions of criminal cases, in addition to criminal cases that are considered by court departments Economic.