corporate governance

El Mithaq Law Firm provides the best legal services related to corporate governance under the supervision of our best burning lawyers who provide a summary of their professional experience in this field.
● Corporate governance leads positively to your business towards success, and its most important services are:
a . It enables you to control the amount of risk that you may be exposed to.
B . Simplifying and organizing procedures within the company.
● Provide optimal use of the company’s assets.
● It defines the responsibilities and rights of each of the stakeholders within the companies according to their roles.
● It provides shareholders with a sense of security and reassurance on their investments within the company.
● Achieve transparency in displaying all information and decisions in the company.
● It is keen to protect shares for shareholders, and to obtain compensation if their rights are violated.
● It clarifies the responsibilities of the company’s board of directors in overseeing its performance, as well as providing answers to shareholder inquiries.