contract drafting

El Mithaq Law Firm offers its professional services in the field of drafting and reviewing contracts in Arabic and English.
● This is done under the supervision of the best elite of lawyers to avoid making legal mistakes that may cost you a lot later.
● We also provide you with the best official legal document for all transactions.
● We offer detailed clauses in contracts that are binding on all parties, to protect the rights and interests of customers.
● We review contracts to avoid legal loopholes when drafting contracts.
● Our lawyers provide you with the skill of choosing words and methods in your contract, which avoids you entering into future disputes.
● We provide a detailed explanation of all the duties and obligations of all parties to the contract, with an emphasis on the conformity of the terms and conditions of the contract with what you intend.
● The lawyer adds to you some terms and conditions in the contract that work in your favor, which you may have – unintentionally – overlooked.
● We make sure that the contract complies with the laws, and in the event of a legal dispute, the contract is valid.